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What are you doing this Tuesday?

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Most people in UK will be eating pancakes, it being Pancake Day ‘n all. And you’re either a purist lemon and sugar person like me or a barbarian who puts things like Nutella, maple syrup or fresh fruit on them.

Over here in Sweden, the baked good of choice on Fettisdagen is the semla – a powder-capped mountain of carbs and calories that’ll leave you looking like you forgot where your mouth was, as well as your gym. These cardamom-spiced buns may look all fluffy and innocent but sink your teeth into one and you’ll discover a massive splodge of almond paste that’ll ruin your make-up and your plans for a beach body.

Speaking of fat… Not everyone knows that Mardi Gras, America’s version of this festivity, is actually French for Fat Tuesday. Which also happens to be what Sweden’s Fettisdagen means. Historically, you see, people would gorge on rich, fatty food before fasting for lent. Nowadays though, we just use it as a perfectly legitimate excuse for going a bit bonkers in the bakery.

And here’s the funny thing. Despite America’s penchant for baked goods and pancakes, over the pond they actually celebrate the day a little differently. Anyone who’s ever heard of Mardi Gras or been in the US around this time will know it’s all about securing as many bead necklaces as possible (usually achieved by flirting with passing parade floats and getting them to throw you bucketloads of swag.)

But wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this Tuesday, just remember what day it is on Wednesday.

No-one wants to wake up next to a hot mess on Valentine’s Day!

Slow down, you move too fast…



The best way to get things done is to simply begin.

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No big surprises there.

But it’s knowing where and how to start that’s the tricky bit.

I don’t just offer copywriting, content marketing and transcreation services (from Swedish into British English). I also help, advise and coach my clients with their everyday English. That way they can improve their own business writing – things like emails, Instagram posts, press releases and presentations, which most people simply wouldn't bother contacting a copywriter about – so they can spend less money on external copywriters in the long term.

Contact me for more information or have a forage around my website for snippets of advice about copywriting, online marketing and how to improve your online content.

Struggling to let go of the past? It’s okay.

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Waving goodbye can be tough… to friends and family, to the summer, to the past. To old content you worked so hard on. But imagine the camera was facing in the other direction. Instead you’re saying hello… to new friends, to the beautiful, colourful seasons to come, to the future. To dazzling new content.

Letting go of the past is tough, but it’s a necessary evil in today’s fast-paced, digital world. And we’re all slowly getting used to it.

So if you’re struggling to let go of that old content you spent so long creating - or paying someone else to create - it’s okay. We’ve all been there. Allow yourself to mourn for a while. Then shake it off and focus on why you need new content.

Need new content? Need a copywriter who knows what they’re doing? Need an English copywriter who can help you let go of your old content? I'm right here.

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