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An English Copywriter in Göteborg

I don’t just offer copywriting, content marketing and transcreation services (from Swedish into British English).
I also help, advise and coach my clients with their everyday English.

So they can improve their own business writing...

Things like emails, Instagram posts, press releases and presentations.
Things that most people simply wouldn't bother contacting a copywriter about.

That way they can spend less money on external copywriters in the long term.

To get you started, I've put together a few useful tips to help you improve your English copywriting and online content.

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How to Improve your Online Content

Rule No 1

Keep it Simple


If a visitor can't find what they

need straight away

they’ll just move on to a competitor.

Rule No 4

Keep it Relevant


If you want to appeal to your

target audience, then make sure they

can understand and relate

to your content.

Rule No 2

Keep it Perfect


Spelling mistakes, inconsistencies and sloppy content reflect badly on

your entire organisation.

Rule No 5

Keep it Brief


Very few people read every

single word these days.

They scan.

Rule No 3

Keep it Fresh


If your latest news update is from 2015

how dynamic and efficient will the

rest of your company look?

Rule No 6

Keep it Interesting


If you want your visitors to actually

read your content, then

you have to make it compelling.

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Common Spelling Mistakes

Definately or Definitely



The most misspelt word in Britain.

Independence or Independance


Spelling isn't a dance in the park.

Misspelt or Misspellt



Did you go back to the last box to check?

Managable or Manageable


Now you should be able to manage to remember this one.

Manoeuvre or Manoeuver



It's not easy to get all those vowels in the right place.

Tommorrow or Tomorrow


To-day you are moving to-wards to-morrow.

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Create Content That Will...

Get Found

Ask Yourself


  • Who’s looking?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Using which search words?

Get Read

Ask Yourself


  • Is your link clickworthy?
  • Does the intro grab you?
  • Is your content scannable?

Get Shared

Ask Yourself


  • Are you helping anyone?
  • Where are you posting?
  • Is it easy to share?

Do you need help with your content?

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